[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/4″][vc_single_image image=”1179″ img_size=”600×843″][/vc_column][vc_column width=”3/4″][vc_custom_heading text=”NEW MUSIC: ARCTIC II – DJ SUPREME FT. ICE T & ICEPICK” font_container=”tag:h2|font_size:24px|text_align:left|color:%23fcd207|line_height:28px” use_theme_fonts=”yes”][vc_column_text]With the upcoming digital and music film release of Arctic II featuring Ice-T and The Icepick (8th September) Supreme essentially doubles down on his pursuit of indifference to carve out a lane for himself.

Doing another REMIX on the heals of the RIP remix was an unexpected left turn for Soops, already starting work on other projects including Legacy 2.0. and several other collaboration singles, he had no plans for anything Arctic related.

“I think for me, doing another remix was out of the question anyway, as we had done RIP Remix, so I saw it as a continuation, a ‘part two’ and the production defiantly reflects that!” – Supreme

However, when Ice-T calls to express his enthusiasm for the original track ft. The Icepick, it was a no brainer for Supreme to grab the opportunity and get the L.A legend to jump on a remix – besides what an opener it makes for his Supreme Legacy 2.0 EP expected to drop mid October.

It was not the first opportunity the two could have collaborated, but circumstances are different now and both were eager to make it happen.

“Ice-T has always liked my music and often made comparisons of my production with what Chuck D, Hank & Keith Shocklee were doing for Public Enemy” – Supreme

Those familiar with Supreme’s history, will know that he was once signed to Ice-T’s Rhyme Syndicate Record label, a first for a UK rap act at the time. He has always remained in touch with Ice-T and other Syndicate members since.

During a recent trip to New York early this year, the two met for dinner and set plans in motion for Arctic II.

Soops production idea for the remix was to go bigger, badder and harder on the original, so doing a live cover version of the original became the vision. Soops introduced detailed acoustic drum programming and brought in rock guitarist Russell Jarvis (Mors) to add that live rock overbite.

“On the original Arctic I attempted to fake electric guitar riffs with some studio trickery. But those who play guitar for real can hear what I did, ha ha!. I thought, if I’m going to do this song again lets do it live.” – Supreme

The result is a mutation of the original soundtrack with a heavy rock edge and a big cinematic feel with sonics to match.

Back in L.A. Ice-T hit the studio and delivered a verse that caught every body involved off guard setting an amazing tone for the song that immediately inspired a concept and sick story line for the video!

“As soon as I heard Ice-T’s verse, I had to call him right away to let him known he smashed it! People will be surprised when they hear his performance!! He absolutely nailed it.” – Supreme

Many listeners might have forgotten there’s a seasoned MC behind the actor and Body Count front man and are in for a treat. Ice-T slams into this track in explosive style, painting a very cold and vivid picture of victims on the receiving end of his lyrical wrath, with the film reflecting that in it’s imagery and tones.

The services of the supremely talented Icepick, were called upon again to take the track home, which he does in spectacular fashion, raising the excitement levels on the song as it carers along at what feels like breakneck speed.

“So before anyone asks, yes there is scratching on this one…. happy! LOL” -Supreme

We are then treated with a familiar flurry of Supreme’s trademark cuts, crisply executed in the bridge as the track nears its dramatic close. As with the original Arctic, it was a close call for scratching, something Supreme feels is more artistic license these days which is not always necessary to add. But, after listening to the cuts, all including Ice-T, agreed the scratching needed to remain on the song.

“The idea for the video was inspired by my wife Keyah. The concept made me excited about this track even more. So much so, after fleshing out a storyline with my team to included live action sequences, I purposefully arranged the music like a movie score to fit the imagery and drama of the action.” – Supreme

As with everything that Supreme puts his hands to he tries to raise the bar while at the same time maintaining high levels of quality. If the project hasn’t ticked all the right boxes it doesn’t see the light of day. One of those boxes meant Soops and his team had to fly out to New York City for a heavy three day shoot with Ice-T.

Calling on film Director Michael J. Diamond, the man behind the original Arctic, this video is beautifully shot and edited in stunning fashion. The cinematography, locations and performances are all perfectly pitched and blended and feels like you are watching a plot filled movie with hidden clues that appear with each viewing! As with Arctic, Supreme and his team purposely put a lot of clues in to give the narrative a deeper complex.

“you might just recognise a few faces from the film, or the evidence board!” – Supreme

Who knows, once Arctic II hits the inter-webs, if this does what it’s suppose to, a short movie is not something Soops hasn’t already considered doing.

DJ Supreme – Arctic II ft. Ice T & The Icepick film and digital download available NOW




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