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Quotable lines from Supreme’s ARCTIC II ft. Ice-T and The Icepick are already floating around the internet. Ones we’ve seen are “Your rep don’t matter when the guns scatter” and “Thames River’s the Flow and that’s Murky”. But there are so many more.

So, we thought we’d drop you the complete lyric sheet to recite and enjoy in case you missed anything!

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It’s The Supreeeeeeem Remix
Arctic Remix



It gets no colder than this
Squeeze the trigger watch the chamber twist
You ask yourself how you got here
You fuck’d around and end up in a nightmare dealing with the wrong cats
Now you’re in the world of drugs and gats
Full body kevlar, snitches and rats
My niggas don’t run they arctic
My niggas don’t play they are thick
My niggas don’t talk they are it
My niggas don’t stop they start shit
Please believe it if you really care about breathing
Keep your gat close, off safty, on broach
Your rep don’t matter when the guns scatter
Your wife might just lose her life
Don’t care about you don’t care whats right
it’s getting cold might pop off tonight
I don’t do talking that’s a bitch thing
We just roll up and let the heat sing
We them boys in them masks dude
We jack ya ass and post it on Youtube
Ask about me if you really got the nerve to doubt me
or try me if you really want to die
Lets get this straight I’m not your boy
Your no friend of mine I’ll rob you blind
Bullet proof Rover with the steal plates
Twenty room fort with them big gates
It can’t gets cold than this
Iceberg and Icepick, shits arctic



So I said they wouldn’t mind coz when me and Ice ride out fam we gonna wild out
I’m outside putting signs out,
Some of these pricks won’t know until they find out
for all your style and pomp
My friend don’t send for what you don’t want
Cos your not touch proof
an pricks like you stand out like a buck tooth
Gap tooth
You wanna play games we play dirty
Thames River’s the flow and thats murky
Death threats come cash that cheque
They’ll never know how deep it gets
until they’re out of their depths
When them man there
Jump out the van
Toys out the pram
Noise out the can
Bloh, Bloh, Bloh, Bloah
Could a boy,
Could a man
Could alone
Could a gang
Gonna land where you stand
Got a bag for the loot, back of the boot
then its back to the wheel
then its back to the zoot
What you know about Soops?
Faced up, laced up, both ends of your road taped up, huh
It’s just the age we living in
This is the cage we’re sinning in
it won’t get colder than this
Iceberg and Icepick shit’s arctic



What, are these rats still talking
What, these dogs just barking
What, these pigs still stalking
oh, but that monkey’s arctic
What these man’s still parring
Still bragging bout balling
stars are falling
Oh, but that monkey’s…..





And them rats still talking,
And these dogs just barking,
And them kin still warring,
Stars are falling
but that monkey’s arctic



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